Aca Group Profile

The Apostolidis Group companies are among the most distinguished and renowned corporations in manufacturing and in commerce of whole lighting systems with a dynamic presence since 1965 in Greece and in the wider region of Europe.

With a long tradition, experience and expertise in the field of lighting and electrical equipment, the company operates in the following:

1. Professional lighting
2. Indoor lighting
3. Electrical equipment
4. Christmas decorations
5. Energy solutions

With a clear focus on high quality products, excellent customer service and having an extensive distribution network of warehouses, the Apostolidis Group offers even the most demanding customers complete solutions.

Our History


Production and sales of electricity to the Municipality of Amfipolis by Christos Apostolidis


Opening of the first 45sqm  retail store in Serres


Relocation to a 150sqm store in the city center of Serres by Apostolos Apostolidis - 2nd generation


Establishment of the trading company APOSTOLIDIS SA and acquisition of a 2900sqm exhibition space & warehouses at the entrance of the city of Serres


Establishment of the factory APOSTOLIDIS OE for the production of industrial & street lighting


Establishment of the company APOSTOLIDIS SA as the advancement of APOSTOLIDIS OE with additional activity of importing lighting fixtures


Construction of a state of the art manufacturing facility  & 1900sqm warehouses of APOSTOLIDIS SA in the industrial area of Serres


Construction & expansion of 3900sqm  logistics warehouses of APOSTOLIDIS SA in the industrial area of Serres.

Apostolidou Anna joins the Board of Directors of APOSTOLIDIS SA - 3rd generation


Apostolidis Dimitris joins the Board of Directors of APOSTOLIDIS SA - 3rd generation


Creation of a 1300sqm branch of APOSTOLIDIS SA in Attica

Creation of "ACA Lighting" technical lighting brand & "ACA Energy" energy solutions


Modernization and renaming of the store in the center of Serres to ""Το ηλεκτρομάγαζο", which functions as a cash & carry point of sale.

Creation of "Diolamp" lamp brand.


Establishment of the "ACA Lighting APOSTOLIDIS Group" with the foundation of 2 subsidiaries in Europe. Establishment of the subsidiary ACA LIGHTING BG Ltd and the construction of 1300sqm logistics warehouses in Bulgaria.

Establishment of the subsidiary ACA LIGHTING CZECH sro and acquisition of a 235sqm showroom in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Creation of "ACA Decor" an indoor lighting brand.


Construction of a state of the art  photometry laboratory at the headquarters of APOSTOLIDIS SA in Serres.

2200sqm Expansion of the logistics facilities of APOSTOLIDIS SA in the industrial area. of Serres.


First participation in the largest international fair of lighting & electrical equipment "Light & Building" in Frankfurt, Germany


Acquisition and creation of a new branch (3000sqm offices & logistics warehouses) in Attica of APOSTOLIDIS SA.

Creation of the brands "ACA Elec" electrical equipment brand & "ACA XMAS" Christmas decorations brand.

Our Vision

From the first day our company was established, the fundamental principles that we have advocated concern ethics, innovation, reliability and responsibility. Our culture has been built based on these principles, and we are committed on being held accountable to them by our partners and customers. We believe that the manner in which results are achieved is just as important as the results themselves.

The goal of the company is to emerge as the first international choice for integrated quality lighting solutions with the main focus being on people and the environment.