Payment Methods

Dear Customers,

For your convenience regarding your payments, listed below you will find our new bank accounts and the respective i-ban numbers. Please note, that by sending your desposit to the company’s contact details with the depositor field filled in, will speed up the process of settling your balance. We thank you in advance.

  • Apha Bank
    (Bank Account Nr.): 810002002012481
    (I-ban): GR2001408100810002002012481
    (Swift/Bic): CRBAGRAA
    (Beneficiary): Apostolidis Trading

  • Peiraeus Bank
    (Bank Account Nr.): 6207-040032-962
    (I-ban): GR03017120700062 07040032962
    (Swift/Bic): PIRBGRAA
    (Beneficiary): Apostolidis Trading

  • Eurobank
    (Bank Account Nr.): 0026-0131-74-0200415223
    (I-ban): GR6702601310000740200415 223
    (Swift/Bic): ERBKGRAA
    (Beneficiary): Apostolidis Trading

  • National Bank of Greece
    (Bank Account Nr.): 465/470331-60
    (I-ban): GR9001104650000046547033160
    (Swift/Bic): ETHNGRAA
    (Beneficiary): Apostolidis Trading

  • ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria)
    (I-ban EUR, ): BG75PRCB92301450894101
    (Swift/Bic): PRCBBGSF

    (I-ban BGN, лв): BG93PRCB9201050894101
    (Swift/Bic): PRCBBGSF
    (Beneficiary): Apostolidis Trading

Customers who work with other companies of the APOSTOLIDIS Group, we kindly ask you to pay close attention and deposit your payment in the correct bank account, so as to avoid problems and delays in the execution of your orders.