The people at the Apostolidis Group have played a key role and a crucial part in the course of the company, which with ethos and professionalism, look forward to the realization of a common vision.

The Group places high emphasis on the personal and professional development of its people through extensive training programs, both in technical knowledge and in administrative skills and abilities. The evolution and broadening of knowledge is a continuous process at the Apostolidis Group. Our aim is to substantially contribute to the achievement of corporate goals through meaningfully investing in knowledge.

• Strengthening the workforce by investing in qualified executives
• Utilizing employees full potential
• Providing staff with training and informative seminars relating to their specific job
• We offer tools to better improve our employees performance as well as equal job opportunities to all
• Improving the benefits and incentive policies
• Promoting teamwork and cooperation

The whole company evolves through the development of our staff.

Working Enviroment

The Apostolidis Group provides a working environment where staff enjoy safe and healthy working conditions, as well as opportunities for personal and team growth through responsible professional behavior. The staff acknowledges the company for providing a positive work place, noting the fact that they enjoy and appreciate the friendly atmosphere while feeling proud to work for the Apostolidis Group.

The Apostolidis Group abides by the Labor Regulations and the Policy against violence in order to provide a stable, fair and a shared direction of working conditions to ensure a peaceful workplace environment, the orderly operation of the Apostolidis Group as well as the promotion of the common interest of the company and its employees.

Finally the group provides occupational health and safety standards in accordance with ISO 45001:2018.

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